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Dekat S.A.

DEKAT S.A. was founded in 2001 with the main objective of engaging in construction projects and investments in tourism and commerce in general. DEKAT S.A. is a company based in Corfu, Greece, with a capital amounting to € 1.200.000 held by Greek shareholders, mainly from the island of Corfu. The board of directors consists of highly experienced professionals holding degrees in business administration, marketing and engineering from both Greek and foreign universities.

Due to the wealth of former experience held by members and collaborators of Dekat S.A. in planning and realization of similar residential construction projects in the area of Barbati, Corfu, we believe Verde Blu Beach Resort is one of the most well designed, elegant, high quality and high value residential developments in Greece.

DEKAT S.A. is wholly responsible for the construction of Verde Blu Beach Resort, having designed, financed and brought the project to its final state with total respect to all the details of the initial concept. DEKAT S.A. is the sole owner of all the properties that are for sale inside the resort, thus the future owner of a certain property buys directly from the developer.

Considering the fact that mainly interest for seaside properties inside well planed, organized, safe and fully functional residential developments comes mainly from people that reside outside of Greece, our main objective was to provide the finalized apartments fully finished and operational before they come to market. Therefore, all the properties inside the resort along with all their ammenities (connections with electrical, water and telephone companies, corridors, gardens, parking places, private and communal swimming pools, biological treatment of sanitary discharges, reserve water tank, communal lighting etc.) are fully finished and operational.

Furthermore, the only procedure that a person interested in buying a property in Verde Blu has to go through is to visit in person the resort in order to locate the property that suites them best, according to their needs and taste, knowing that what one sees, and consequently what one pays for, is what one gets. There is no "we will construct this. or we will do that." in this transaction. Everything is in place waiting for you to enjoy your stay in your new property in Corfu. You only have to decide about your furniture and electrical appliances and your new house is ready to be inhabited.

The company's intentions for the future are to continue to develop urban or holiday usage house projects with the main objective being the maintenance of the highest quality construction standards with regards to planning and realization, assuring the elegance of the final result but most of all focusing on the excellent treatment of clients in order to achieve the best possible satisfaction and reassurance in the process of purchasing a house.

The philosophy

The concept and the design of the development were based on the following main objectives:
  • Respect to the environment

    All the efforts have been made in order to maintain the initial environmental structure. Where that was not possible, due to reasons of best positioning of the houses and thus better view, new trees and plants were planted. The resort has its own biological treatment of sanitary discharges thus no pollution passes to the earth and later to our valuable beach. A computer controlled automatic irrigation system has been installed in order to use the least amount water for the plants as possible, and with the lowest cost. The design of the houses, with tall wooden roofs including the roof tiles over them, along with the use of materials for perfect heat isolation allow the owners to consume the least possible energy in order to cool or heat their houses.

  • Excellent positioning of all houses

    Barbati Bay has an east-southeast orientation. The positioning of all houses in the plot was made in such a way that allowed unobstructed view to the sea along with perfect sun exploitation. From the early morning hours until late in the afternoon all houses have direct contact to the sun. That means that someone gets to enjoy the summer sun as much as possible and in winters, the sun has a "medicinal" effect against moisture ensuring better long-term protection and minimum maintenance.

  • Completely private properties in a perfectly ruled environment

    This is according to communal parts and regulations. That means that every house stands as an individual legal entity, has its own electrical, water, telephone and satellite tv connections plus one or two parking places for exclusive use for a life time written on the purchase contract. Furthermore, as it has to do with communal areas and establishments, for example the communal swimming pool, the paths to the beach, the automatic irrigation system, the sanitary discharges system etc., a clear and strict regulation exist to ensure the fair division of communal expenses (water for the gardens, electricity for the lighting of communal areas, gardener, resort supervisor etc.) and the best possible coexistence between multiple property owners.

  • "Total elegance" concept

    All architectural features inside the complex have been designed to ensure elegance along with functionality. Despite the fact that properties are privately owned at the same time the feeling of living within a small "village" takes hold with attention to every last detail enabling residents to enjoy the beauty of the resort as a whole.

  • Safety

    People who live permanently outside Corfu have to leave their valuable properties behind for a shorter or longer period of time. That may sometimes cause some inconvenience. In the case of a property inside a well designed complex like Verde Blu Beach Resort that would make things easier. Apart from the resorts supervisor, there will always be a "good" neighbor as a second pair of eyes. Furthermore, all year long the complex will be more or less inhabited with all the positive effects of this. Living in an organized and controlled environment is also positive as long as someone wants to enjoy his property safely with his family.

  • Ease of maintenance

    The high quality materials minimize the need for maintenance. Furthermore, the absence of huge gardens along with special plant selection ensures the minimum need for garden watering and maintenance, thus minimization of cost. And again someone doesn't have to worry about what he leaves behind and what he will find when he comes back because all the communal and private areas are all the time maintained as a whole with a reasonable proportional annual charge.

  • Cars away from houses

    The design of the resort was made taking into consideration the necessity of leaving cars, motorcycles and in general all kind of vehicles outside its perimeter. In this way, walking and wandering around the resort, going from the houses to the beach or to the communal swimming pool and back, is made through the specially made, well lit, planted and very convenient corridors, safely and pleasantly without encountering in any circumstance any vehicles.

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